All the best things are blue, including Margaritas.

Sam @ Copperpot Bar

All drinks are better blue, especially the Margarita.

So not every drink has to be serious, brown or seasonal, sometimes things just have to be blue and delicious. This is what we would consider to be a classic Margarita recipe with the admission of triple-sec, a vodka based orange liqueur and the addition of blue Curacao, a blue, vodka based orange liqueur.

This recipe is for the shaken version but watch this space, you might get a frozen recipe out of us sometime soon.

Before we get into the recipe proper, a word on salt, which in our opinion ruins an excellent Margarita. A great Margarita should be crisp and clean, something which a mouthful of salt definitely isn’t.

However if you’re into salt, for the love of god use Maldon. It’s the best we’ve come across and their smoked version is in just about every meal we cook.

Our preferred way of integrating it is a tiny (and we mean tiny) pinch of smoked sea salt into the mix before its shaken. This will add a creaminess and help to bring out all of the amazing flavours of the Tequila and the limes.

Alternatively, you can rim your glass. To do this, pour your salt onto a small plate and run a sliced lime wedge around half of the rim of the glass. Press the wet edges of your glass into the salt and wipe off the excess. We’d always advise only rimming half of the glass since it gives you an option whilst you’re drinking if you fancy a saltless sip, but again, we’re just here to advise. It’s your drink, you do you.

Your basic recipe is as follows:

  • 50ml Blanco Tequila – As a rule, when mixing spirits in crisp, clean drinks like this a blanco is going to work better than something aged but this is our personal preference.

  • 10ml Blue Curacao – You can swap this for triple-sec (cointreau) If you fancy something a little more sedate in appearance.

  • 10ml Sugar syrup 1:1 – Simply stir together caster sugar and cold water in equal parts.

  • 20ml Fresh lime juice – You can use lemon here but limes have a wonderful coconutty complexity that you simply can’t get from a lemon.

  • Add a pinch of salt, rim your glass or do neither, up to you.

Once you’ve got all of the above in order, fill your shaker to the brim with cubes of ice and shake that baby HARD.

Strain into your cocktail glass and off to the beach you go.

Why not let us know how you got on making your Margarita, you can post stuff to us @copperpotbar across social media. You can find me on Linkedin masquerading as Sam Dunne should you want to connect professionally as well.

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Happy shaking


Copperpot Bar

Photo credit: Adam Krowitz

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