How to make our favourite Gin classic

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How to make our favourite Gin classic

This blog was originally going to carry on talking about the drinks we’ve made for our mates at Chick’n’Sours but the more we wrote, the more we realised that you can’t get a full idea of what’s going on here unless you taste something. This drink has heavily influenced some of the most popular drinks on their menus, and in such a gin-centric drinking culture, stands out as an all-time classic.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a little how-to based on one of our all-time favourite cocktails, the Clover Club. Now this post is about flavour not history, although a little context is always welcome. The clover club is an old, pre-prohibition (so before 1920) drink that takes its name from the Gentlemen’s club in which it was made and consumed. The club met at the bellvue-stratford hotel which still stands on the corner of Broad and Walnut in Philadelphia.

The following recipe is how we prefer to put the drink together, although as with many enduring cocktials, the recipe has developed and changed slightly over time to fit the modern palate and available products.
To make one clover club (not that you’ll stop at one), you will need the following:

• 40ml of your favourite gin (that’s Beefeater for us)
• 10ml of dry vermouth (something simple like Martini does the trick well here)
• 2 fresh raspberries
• 20ml of fresh lemon juice
• 20ml of sugar syrup (Best made by stirring equal parts of cold water and caster sugar until dissolved)
• 10ml of fresh egg whites (half the white of one-whole egg)
• A cocktail shaker of your preferred design (Two-piece is best)
• Cubed ice
• A piece of grapefruit peel
• A hawthorne strainer
• A cocktail glass

Combine all of the gin and liquid ingredients into your cocktail shaker, along with the raspberries. Add the egg whites last and fill with ice. The more ice you add, the slower your drink will dilute – this means you can get it colder, fluffier and better tasting.

Shake as hard as you possibly can for 20 seconds and strain the liquid back into the empty half of your cocktail shaker.

Next, shake the drink as hard as you possibly can, WITHOUT ICE for another 20 seconds. This will whip up a thick foam on top. Pour the resulting liquid into your cocktail glass and snap the piece of grapefruit peel, (outside towards the surface of the drink) towards the drink from approximately 10cm to coat the top of the foam in the grapefruit oils.

Take a photo, send it to us on social media.


This drink has heavily influenced the work we have done with the Chick’n’Sours guys and we will reference it in future blog posts. It really is one of the world’s great cocktails and we hope that you enjoy drinking it as much as we do making them. Share your experiences and feedback of it with us on social media, we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Insta @copperpotbar.

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