Our cocktail for Cinco de Mayo – The Toreador

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Cinco de Mayo cocktail – The Toreador

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo, half the world will be hitting the Tequila tonight in celebration of Mexican culture and we couldn’t resist joining in.

There’s a lot of things you can do with Tequila despite its sometimes undeserved reputation as something grotesque to be struggled through, shot after shot at a student party. Tequila as a spirit easily holds up to the traditional poisons – Scotch, Rum or Brandy when it comes to complexity, craft and history and the drinks you can make with it definitely reflect that.

There’s a train of thought (which is also believed to be true with decent brandy) that if you take a stirred drink, usually lead with a dark spirit and swap that dark spirit for an aged Tequila, the result is a better drink than the one you started with. A Don Julio Reposado Manhattan certainly makes quite the case for that being true.

That aside, our favourite recipe takes Tequila and allows it to do exactly what it does best, work with citrus and other fruits to create something crisp, rounded and with loads of structure. Ladies and gentlemen, we present The Toreador.

The Toreador, as Tequila cocktails go is pretty old. It’s older than the first recorded recipe for a Margarita, which let’s face it is probably the standard for a Tequila cocktail in modern drinks. It was first recorded in 1937 in the ‘Café Royal Cocktail Book’, some 16 years before the Margarita first appeared under its current guise. It’s a pretty simple drink, very similar to its better known younger brother in composition and it’s essentially a straight swap of orange for apricot, a definite upgrade if you ask us.

To make a Toreador the way we’d have it, you’ll need the following:

  • 40ml Blanco Tequila – you really want something which reads 100% de Agave on the bottle, this is usually a sign of quality. It’s worth buying good Tequila as a rule.
  • 10ml Crème de Abricot – fancy French liqueurs are our preference, although an apricot brandy will do in its stead quite happily.
  • 20ml fresh lime juice – as usual, lemon is an able deputy but lime is really the one here, you want the soft tropical flavours to really take this drink up a level.
  • 15ml 1:1 sugar syrup – we have a tutorial video on this which will be available to you shortly.

Combine all of the ingredients into your favourite cocktail shaker, fill to the brim with cubed ice and shake as hard as you possibly can for approximately 12 seconds.

Strain into a cocktail glass, find some sunshine and enjoy Cinco de Mayo!

Let us know how you get on with this recipe, and enjoy tonight’s celerations. We look forward to hearing from you @copperpotbar across all forms of social media, and if you’ve a need, to make drinks for you at your next event!

Adios amigos, mucho amor.


Copperpot Bar

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