THE cocktail to transform your Spring cocktail party

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THE cocktail to transform your spring cocktail party


Now that you’ve read our last post, you’ll want to do something with all of that new kit you have treated yourself to. Here is the first in a series of cocktails that you’ll want to share with all of your friends at every party this year. – The cucumber Margarita!

We’ve opted for a cucumber Margarita of sorts, partly because cucumbers are immensely popular in all types of food and drink at the moment but also due to Tequila being the party spirit of choice.

Before we talk about the drink any more though, let’s talk about sweetness. Alcohol is made of sugars in one form or another, and if you’ve tried making cocktails at home you will know how difficult it is to get that brown sugar to melt in the bottom of your mojito. The trick here, is simple syrup. To make simple syrup simply take one cup of caster sugar (or trendy sugar of choice) and mix with one cup of cold water, stir until the granules dissolve and pour into one of the clean glass bottles we recommended last time out. Make sure you keep your syrup in the fridge as the flavour will develop over time.

All of the recipes on our site call for simple syrup at this ratio, and whilst you’re welcome to experiment, this is the easiest and most consistent way to make great tasting drinks for your friends and family.

Now, a traditional Margarita contains four ingredients, Tequila, lime juice, triple sec (an orange liqueur like Cointreau) and a touch of sugar for balance. The one we’re going to recommend also has four, but is much simpler.

Per serve:

50ml of silver Tequila of choice

20ml of fresh lime juice (squeezed using the Mexican elbow mentioned last time)

20ml of simple syrup

2 big slices of cucumber

Chuck all of this into a shaker with lots of ice and throw out your best Tom Cruise impression. Strain into your choice of glass, we recommend a proper cocktail glass or a tumbler with nice big chunks of ice and garnish with one more big chunk of cucumber. Delicious.

Now, if you’re really serious about this DIY cocktail stuff you might just have gone and bought a hard fruit juicer (or maybe you’ve got one already). This is where it can make your life even easier, simply throw a whole cucumber through it and swap out the slices of cucumber in the drink for 20mls of the juice. This allows you to make great jugs of Margaritas without painstakingly shaking each one, a must for bigger groups. Simply scale all of the ingredients up with an extra 10ml of water per-serve, throw into a jug with loads of ice, some lime wedges and cucumber slices, get in the garden and enjoy.

Make sure you visit again next week for some more great drinks you can make yourself at home. Don’t forget if you’re in the business and need menus, or you would like us to help water your own party, get in touch via the contact form on our home page and let’s have a chat.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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