Copperpot Bar’s simple Christmas Eggnog Recipe

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Make your own Eggnog This Christmas

Eggnog eh. Not the sexiest name in mixed drinks for sure, certainly not what we would have called it given the choice. But behind the name is a velvety, comforting festive drop that really ought to become a part of your annual Christmas routine.

This, too, is one of the few drinks and recipes you’ll ever come across which is actually best made at home. It’s quite a long-winded process, so bear with us and avoid the temptation to cop-out and grab some of the vastly inferior supermarket bottled stuff.

Feel free to use un-spiced-rum in this recipe, you’ll just need to add the spices yourself. If you’re going to do that, you’ll want cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg in a 2:1:1 ratio, added to the pan of milk.

So, to make decent Eggnog, you’re going to need to add the following to your shopping list:

1L Whole milk – the best milk you can get, go Jersey.

5 eggs, separated. – Once again, the nicest eggs you can get.

130g caster sugar – granulated works but will make you work harder.

200ml Spiced rum – Your favourite brand is perfect, our favourite is Old J.

Into a saucepan, chuck half of your rum, and all of your milk. Bring this to the boil and leave to cool, allowing all of the flavours to mingle.

Next, combine the egg yolks and the sugar into a large mixing bowl and beat them to a pulp. You want this mixture thick and smooth, so you’re going to have to put some effort in. Alternatively, your favourite food processor will save time and effort.

slowly fold the rum and milk into your whipped yolks and sugar before covering and storing in the fridge. A certain Mr George Washington is rumoured to have preferred this part of the mixture aged. We reckon a couple of days is plenty, but you can go much longer or shorter at your leisure.

If you’re going for the long-age, you can freeze the egg whites so they are still usable when you choose to serve your eggnog, just be sure to pull them out of the freezer a day before to thaw.

Finally, take your mixture from the fridge and add the rest of the rum, plus a bit more for good measure. Whip the egg whites into soft peaks and gently fold them into the main mix.

Serve quickly over ice and most importantly, with friends.

We hope you enjoy this simple eggnog recipe, you can make this as complicated as you like, swap out some of the milk for cream, swap the Rum for Bourbon or Scotch, hell, even a nice Tequila.

Whatever you do, we want to see your efforts and hear about how they went down. You can contact us on or get in touch with us @copperpotbar across social media.

As ever, we love writing but our real calling is consultancy and events, so if you’ve got an event you want putting on or a bar that wants a bit of love, we’d love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas,

Copperpot Bar

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