A Delicious Gin and Prosecco Cocktail Recipe

Sam @ Copperpot Bar

A Tasty Gin cocktail, Our Bitter Spritz

Gin and prosecco are pretty trendy at the moment right? Well here’s a little recipe we’ve come up with for an awesome cocktail you cna make at home and stay bang on trend.

To make our bitter fizz, you’re going to need the following:

  • Gin – Your gin of choice is fine here, our is Beefeater.

  • Campari – No substitute for this Italian classic

  • Peach Liqueur – Ideally a proper liqueur, but you can use archers if you fancy.

  • Lemon Juice – Found inside lemons, a simple juicer will work wonders

  • Sugar syrup – mix caster sugar and cold water in equal parts

  • Prosecco – or any bubbly wine, Champagne if you’re feeling flush.

Once you’ve got all of that, the recipe below will show you how to put it all together.

Combine into a cocktail shaker the following measurements (per serve) :

  • 20ml Gin

  • 10ml Campari

  • 10ml Peach liqueur

  • 10ml Lemon juice

  • 10ml Sugar syrup 1:1

Fill your shaker to the brim with cubed ice and give it a hard shake for about 12 seconds.

Strain into a tall glass and add fresh cubes of ice.

Top the mixture with your sparkling wine, giving the cocktail a gentle stir to esnure it’s all thoroughly mixed.

Garnish with fruit of your choice, be as simple or garish as you like!

We hope you enjoy this bitter fizz cocktail recipe and would love you to get in contact with your feedback and pictures of your efforts! You can email them to us directly using sam@copperpotbar.com or you can tag us in them on social media using @copperpotbar.

If there are any classic cocktails you would like a recipe for, feel free to get in touch and make a request!

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Lots of love

Sam and Copperpot Bar

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