A Terrifying, Fun, Non-alcoholic Halloween Recipe that’s great for kids.

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A spooky, non-alcoholic punch for Halloween

Our last blog focused on a Halloween drink that was quite grown up and strictly for the adults, so this time we thought we’d get right into the spirit of things and design something for the kids. Obviously this recipe is non-alcoholic but it certainly isn’t hurt by a slug of vodka or white rum should you want to make it for yourself instead.

We’ve gone with the theme of a witches brew, served in (what else?) a pumpkin? It’s thick and a revolting shade of green but on the palate is light, soft and fruity appealing to kids of all ages.

To make this recipe, you will need:

1 Pumpkin – a knife and a bog spoon/ladle for hollowing

1L of smoothie of your choice – This is a great way to sneak some vitamins into a treat, so don’t hold back! We chose banana, pineapple and coconut as we think it works best for this recipe. Try to avoid anything containing red berries as the final drink will be brown. Yuck.

1L of Coconut milk or Pineapple juice – Coconut milk is best if you’re using a banana or cocnut based smoothie. If you’ve opted for something more vegetal containing kale or broccoli etc. Pineapple juice will give you the thickness without tasting gross.

The juice of one lime.

Sugar to taste.

Green food colouring, a whole tablespoon of it.

Cubed ice.

(We’ve found that a small to medium pumpkin has a capacity of about 2 litres, so if you plan to make this for loads of people, you’ll want to scale up.)

The directions to make couldn’t be simpler, simply follow these steps:

  1. Cut a lid for your pumpkin and put it to one side.

  2. Taking your large spoon, scrape the seeds out of the inside of your pumpkin. If you plan on hollowing out a bit more flesh to make space, put it to one side and then check out one of our earlier blogs where we give you a great way to use it in drinks.

  3. Into a large measuring jug or saucepan, combine all of the liquids, drizzling in the food colouring whilst you stir to ensure even distribution.

  4. Pour the liquid into the hollowed out pumpkin and combine with cubed ice.

  5. Enjoy.

We hope you enjoy making/drinking and serving this recipe, we’d love to see and hear about your efforts. You can get in touch with us across loads of social media platforms using the handle @copperpotbar.

Stay Scary and enjoy your Halloween

Copperpot Bar

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