Three Coffee Trends You Need To Try in 2018

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Three coffee trends you ought to try in 2018

The coffee boom is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s pretty safe to say that we can expect to see it go from strength to strength in 2018 as people find more and more interesting ways to drink their Joe.

As we went to put the kettle on and sit down to write our first blog post for 2018, we thought it would be appropriate to suggest a few new ways for you to try your coffee this year.


For the uninitiated, cold-brew coffee is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s brewed cold. This has big consequences for the flavour of the coffee that’s brewed this way, many of the punchy, bitter flavours that we look for in coffee simply aren’t released without nigh-boiling water.

Cold-extraction is usually a very slow process and can take anything up to about 24 hours. The resulting coffee takes on a softer, fruitier complexion with a lot less tannin and bitterness.

This slower extraction process also gifts cold-brew coffee with a formidable caffeine content, which is often considerably higher than your average double-shot latte or similarly sized cup of filter, which means it’s perfect for the caffeine junkies amongst you.

The tendency for cold-brew to be served in an RTD (ready to drink) format, makes it fantastic for our grab-and-go, constantly on the move culture. It’s often served bottled and capped so you can sip it throughout the day, allowing you to keep firing on all cylinders or get an extra boost when you need it.

Although fairly widely available, cold-brew is likely to stay something of a niche for the time being, although the increasing popularity of coffee-based cocktails and mocktails are starting to change people’s perception of coffee as a hot-only drink, which can only be a good thing for cold-brew as we head into 2018.


Bulletproof  is, like the other items on this list, not quite cutting-edge. It’s the practice of adding fats, and by association, calories to your coffee in the morning, setting it up as a one-stop shop for breakfast. It’s been around for quite a while in the health & fitness community but may well start making its way into commercial coffee-shops this year.

The fat of choice varies depending on who you ask. Coconut oil is our answer, but unsalted butter is equally popular, as well as avocado or olive oils. All of these, in moderation claim considerable health-benefits.

Bulletproof coffee claims a number of benefits, the most dramatic of which is Ketosis. Ketosis is a process by which you starve the body of carbohydrates, causing it to burn fats instead of glucose, resulting in fat-loss.

Our preferred ‘proofing’ is coconut-oil, which in addition to Ketosis and coffee’s usual benefits of alertness and energy, offers a host of vitamins, cholesterol-balancing goodness and promotion of heart-health. Plus, it’s properly delicious.

Bulletproof coffee might prove to be one of those health and fitness fads born from an LA yoga studio, but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating, so why not chuck a spoon of coconut oil into your coffee tomorrow morning and see how you feel by lunchtime?

It’s certainly not going to be any worse for you and your wallet than a £5 ham and cheese croissant is it?


Nitro is a way of serving coffee whereby the drink is pressurised and filled with nitrogen, not dissimilar to the way that many draught beers are served (think Guinness). Using Guinness as a reference point, a fresh pint of the black stuff has a creamy, delicate weight to it whereas a flat one is thin and missing all of its complexity and nuance.

Nitro charged coffee is just that, usually served black, cold and fairly strong ,it’s fluffed up by the nitrogen which gives it a wonderful creamy texture, the aeration will also help to bring out bright, fruity flavours and reduce the bitterness of the coffee on the palate.

If you can find somewhere that does it, nitro is a great substitute for milk and sugar for those of you who like your coffee light and sweet. It’s often kegged, again, like beer and poured from a tap over ice.

If you’re desperate to try this, but can’t find anywhere that does it, you could always use a cream charger and add strong black coffee to it, before charging and pouring over ice. As far as home-made substitutes go, this is really close to the real thing.

We hope you enjoy this first blog of the New Year, and if coffee isn’t for you, we’ve got loads more stuff on its way so watch this space.

As much as we love writing, our true calling is helping bars and restaurants reach their peak. We love designing new menus, training staff and putting on events. If you’ve got a new venture that needs a guiding hand, or an event that needs staffing, planning or running, get in touch with Sam through our website or give him a call on 07725001163.

We hope 2018 brings you peace and prosperity.

Copperpot Bar.

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