Three things crucial for a great event bar

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Three things crucial to a great event bar

Not every bar can or ought to be pitched at the same level as Dead Rabbit or Calooh Callay in terms of the drinks they make or the clientele they serve. A main bar at a festival in some rain-drenched, far-flung corner of darkest Wales obviously needs to provide different things to a swanky pop-up bar on a rooftop in Manhattan or Chelsea.

That said, there are a few things which remain constant the world over when it comes to events bars and since we’ve got a bit of experience in that field, we thought we’d enlighten you as to the three things we think are absolutely essential to having a great bar at your next event.

Expect the unexpected

It has been said that success is in the details, and that has never been truer than when you’re putting on a temporary bar in an unknown location.

It’s a pretty well established fact that when opening a new business or starting an event, you can have the best intentions in the world as to how your guests are going to use the space you’re providing for them, but chances are they are going to do something completely unexpected.

They are almost guaranteed to ask for the one thing you don’t have, want something served the one way you can’t do it and throw you curve-balls at every opportunity. Your aim (or our aim should you get us to come and do an event bar for you) should be to plan for every conceivable eventuality and make sure you’re prepared. Our rule of thumb has always been that the more stressful and fiddly the lead-up to an event is, the better it will be in the end.

The more time you spend thinking of ways that people can ruin your smooth event, the better prepared you will be when they do.

Serve your audience

This point is I suppose, twofold. Firstly, we mean that you ought to cater for your audience, and have an idea of what they are going to want. For example, providing a real-ale bar for the staff and clients of a top-end fashion magazine might be a little wide of the mark.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the sort of people who will be attending and what they’re into, it’ll help you limit the amount of stock you’re dragging about and also help to streamline the operation.

The second part of this point is far more practical. Make sure you have the capacity to serve the number of people you’re expecting. This seems obvious, but anyone who’s been a badly-managed festival will attest to how long the queues can be for drinks.

Service capacity comes in more forms than simply having more or longer bars, new and innovative ways to make and serve drinks can often add a lot to your event. Great examples of this that we’ve done before include slushy-machines with boozy red-and-blue mixes or a brand-new cement mixer repurposed to make margaritas.

Whatever you’re doing you will likely be using a pre-mix of one form or another, but finding an interesting way of putting your drinks together and serving them can really take your event bar to the next level.

Have a solution to the water problem

Our third point is water. You’ll never know how much you miss having running water on a bar until you’ve got to wade through knee deep mud to a tap on the other side of a field and-back every time you want to wash something.

There’s also the small matter of being required to serve free water if you’re serving up booze, so you absolutely HAVE TO have some clean, drinkable water on-hand at all times.

However you solve the water problem, is up to you, just make sure you do.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog, remember, you can always get us down to the bar for your event and not worry about any of these things. Surely that’s the dream?

We’d love to hear about your event bar successes and horror stories. You can get in contact with us @copperpotbar across most forms of social media.

Lots of love,


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