Our top drink for international whisky day

Sam @ Copperpot Bar

Smoked lavender Old Fashioned

For international whisky day, we thought we would cook up something a little bit special for you. Our garden is full of beautiful lavender at the moment and we couldn’t resist throwing it into a drink.

We’ve chosen to pair lavender with a smoky scotch by the name of Talisker from the island of Skye, which is off of the north-western coast of Scotland. Talisker is at once both powerful, with big smoky notes leading a middle of sweet malt but it’s beautifully balanced with a touch of salinity from the sea air. It really tastes like the place where it’s made and Skye, if you’ve ever been there is beautiful.

The scotch is backed up by bourbon for its big sweet, buttery centre which comes from a high corn content (law states that it must be at least 51% corn to be called a Bourbon). The bourbon base allows the other flavours space to play on your palate without being overbearing and makes the drink irresistibly moreish. We know it’s a day to celebrate Scotch, so the Talisker is the star of this drink but the Bourbon does the legwork.

A touch of sugar to carry flavours also helps. We make our sugar syrup with 1 cup of caster sugar to one cup of cold water, it’s so easy to make. Just stir it until it’s all dissolved and bottled.

Finally, two dashes of lavender bitters helps to lift the flavours of the lavender sprig you’ll use for a garnish and brings the floral, perfumed notes to the fore. Add to the garnish a twist of orange for its warm, rich aroma which will help to marry all of the ingredients together and make the drink really work as a whole.
To make this drink you will need:

30ml Bourbon of your choice (We used buffalo trace)
20ml Talisker 10yr
5ml sugar syrup
2 dashes of bitters (Lavender is best, but Angostura is an able deputy)
1 sprig of lavender
1 twist of orange peel.

Stir the drink down over ice for a short time, perhaps 8 to 12 stirs.
Serve in a chunky, short glass over cubes of ice.
Relax and unwind.

We hope you enjoy this drink, check back weekly for more news, projects and recipes. Let us know how you get on by tweeting us @copperpotbar.

Lots of love (and Scotch)

Copperpot Bar

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