Why you ought to be using Spice Drops to add a fresh twist to old drinks

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Why you ought to be using Spice Drops to add a fresh twist to old drinks


Occasionally a product comes along which changes the way you do things, or in this case, simplifies time consuming processes and opens up interesting flavours and combinations to everyone, on both sides of the bar.

We’re talking about Spice Drops from Holy Lama. Spice drops are essentially natural spice extracts and an emulsifier, which allows for the oils to properly mix into water-based liquids (we’re looking at you alcohol). True to the old adage of “good things come in small packages” these tiny little bottles pack in more punch than you would ever believe at first glance and come in a range of 31 different flavours meaning that there’s almost definitely something here for every palate.

Founded in Kerala on the southern Tip of India, Spice drops have been available in the UK since 2013. As you would expect for a brand with Indian heritage, their first home was in curries and Asian food. This is reflected by fairly niche flavours such as asafoetida and masala spice which don’t obviously lend themselves to the sweet/sour/bitter dominated world of mixed drinks.

Some of Spice Drops’ other uses however have cultivated flavours far more appropriate for the average drinksmith, both amateur and professional. Drops made from citrus peels or rose and some of the more familiar spices such as cardamom, cloves and ginger; often used in baking, lend themselves well to mixing into drinks and can create some really delicious results.

It’s worth noting however that without balance, too much flavour can hurt a drink as much as it can make one. When used in cooking, spice drops are usually tempered with the additions of fats and much more substantial textures than they will encounter within a mixed drink, and as such can be used more liberally. All too often we’ve found when experimenting with our drops that one-drop-per-drink can often be overpowering and so adding the drops to a larger format of liquid or simple sugar syrup (see end of article for recipe) tend to yield more success. The bottle of saffron infused apple-juice which is now a staple inhabitant of Sam’s fridge can attest to that. 

The thing that really makes Spice Drops incredible to us here at Copperpot isn’t so much what they are, but what the product allows you to do. They allow you to integrate flavours at a whim that would otherwise require extensive preparation or days spend macerating/infusing and all too often produce better, more consistent results. Add to this a three year shelf-life and ridiculous value for money and you’ve got somehting really special on your hands.

Since we’re raving about a product we’ve recently found, it only makes sense to give you a simple recipe with which to try it. To stick with the theme of the article, which is using the drops to bring new life and old drink, we’re going to take the classic Mojito which we wrote about a little while ago and give it a bright new twist (If you want to read our blog with an awesome recipe for a classic Mojo, you can find it here). We’re going to make the Mojito without mint!!

To make a mintless mojito, you will need:

  • Peppermint or mint spice drops. You could quite easily get both and use a drop of each.
  • Sugar syrup – Mix equal parts caster sugar and cold water and add 1 drop of either mint or peppermint spice drops per 100ml of resulting syrup. This doesn’t have to be exact.
  • Fresh lime juice – comes from limes
  • White rum.
  • Ice, cubes are fine.
  • A tall glass.
  • A long spoon, or stirrer.
  • Soda or sparkling water.


  • Add a good 50ml measure of your rum of choice to your tall glass along with 20ml of fresh lime juice and 20ml of your mint syrup.
  • Fill the glass with ice and give the whole lot a churn with your spoon.
  • Add a splash of soda water to the top.
  • Chuck a slice of lime or a sprig of mint on top for a garnish.
  • Marvel at how easy the whole thing was and how good your drink tastes.

We would love to see phots of your efforts, and any of our other recipes which you twist up using spice drops, or any other great products that you find. You can find us using the handle @copperpotbar across social media or you can get in touch with us via our website www.copperpotbar.com.

You can find out more information about Spice Drops here and get your hands on them through Amazon, Sainsburys and Whole Foods.

We hope you enjoyed this bit of chat, there’s plenty more coming your way over the next couple of weeks.




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