circus themed party

Here are a few ideas that we have put together for a Circus-themed party, these drinks sat alongside a  traditional offering of beers, wines and champagne.

“Fish in a bag”

Moved to a glass for the remainder of the evening as once people get to their second drinks and onwards they will want to put them down.
Served in a Ziploc bag with a straw, complete with little (plastic) fish, just like the ones you would have won at the fair. A real talking point.

Ingredients: Cucumber, apple, vodka, ginger ale, citrus, little toy fish.

“Candyfloss Mai tai”

Twist on a classic Mai Tai, short and punchy with a circus twist, sounds sweet but will be balanced by citrus and booze. Served short and punchy over cubed ice with an OTT garnish befitting the drink.

Ingredients: Dark rum, Overproof, triple sec, candyfloss syrup, citrus, bitters, candyfloss ball.

“Popcorn Whiskey Sour”

Classic American whiskey sour made with a popcorn syrup, garnished appropriately with salted caramel popcorn. Great balance of sweet, sour and salinity.

Ingredients: Bourbon, citrus, popcorn syrup, pinch salt.

“Toffee apple fizz”

Green apple fizz with a twist from a touch of butterscotch. As the Mai Tai above, sounds overly sweet but it will be properly balanced by the dryness of the prosecco.  Served tall over cubed ice, subtler garnish than the Mai tai as it is supposed to be more relaxed and refreshing.

Ingredients: Gin, manzana verde, butterscotch, citrus, prosecco.

“Mallow Margarita”

A tequila drink to round off the menu, classic margarita with the sugar component swapped out for a toasted marshmallow syrup which works wonders with the inherent earthiness of tequila. Garnished with a skewer of toasted marshmallow.

Ingredients: Tequila, triple sec, citrus, toasted mallow syrup.

Something Classical

Here are a few drinks that we could offer for a more traditional cocktail party as we feel it is important to offer well-established classics as well as our own creations. These would be perfect for a black-tie event or an anniversary.


The definitive italian classic, bittersweet and compulsive. An acquired taste for some but an absolute essential for others. One of Copperpot’s favourite drinks.

Ingredients: Gin, campari, rosso.

“Classic mojito”

Popularised by Bacardi, the mojito is one of the most recognisable drinks available anywhere in the world. Fragrant and bright, it’s great for any summer party or even to add a bit of that holiday feeling in the middle of winter.

Ingredients: White rum, mint, lime, sugar, soda.

“Sweet manhattan”

An american classic, spuritous and indulgent. Originally a rye whiskey drink, we like it with a big, buttery bourbon to support the complexity of the bitters and the sweet vermouth. A real drinker’s drink.

Ingredients: American whiskey, rosso, angostura bitters.

“Gin Rickey”

The lesser known brother of the Tom collins, Lime juice makes this slightly softer than the Collins’ lemon and therefore more drinkable. Simple and refreshing, boozy proof that sometimes less is more.

Ingredients: Gin, lime, sugar, soda.


Our take on a Mexican classic, plenty of tequila paired with fresh grapefruit juice and a sparkling grapefruit soda all tempered with a dash of lime and a tiny pinch of salt. A fantastic alternative to more familiar long drinks on a hot day. Dangerously drinkable.

Ingredients: Tequila, salt, lime, grapefruit juice, grapefruit soda.

Sci-Fi themed party

This menu consists of futuristic drinks that we have designed for a sci-fi themed bar-mitzvah. We love creating the weird and wonderful for you, and really pushing the boundaries of what your guests can expect from a drink to guarantee the ultimate experience.


A striking blue drink with a fine balance between sweet and sour, whilst blue drinks are sometimes seen as trashy, this is a real “drinker’s drink” and is a twist on the classic ‘corpse reviver #2’.
The drink must be shaken and so comes with innate theatre and energy, they ought to be served in ostentatious martini glasses with huge orange twists on a lit plastic tray to bring out the vivid blue colour.

Ingedients: Gin, Blue curacao, lemon, lillet blanc, dash absinthe, orange twist


“The Fifth Element”

A long, refreshing drink relatively low in alcohol (Midori is only 20%). It will have a beautiful emerald green colour and should be served in the longest glass possible, ideally just over the width of a single ice-cube. The drink will have an emerald green colour which will be accentuated by the presence of a single light-up ‘ice cube’ at the bottom of the glass, upon which regular ice will sit to enable the drink to be enjoyed otherwise as normal. This should be served with a long, clear straw which will carry the light from the bottom cube up through the drink.

Ingredients: Midori (Melon liqueur), lemon, sparkling water

“Mandalorian fish punch”

This would be served in small or large fish bowls, depending on whether the serve was for an individual or a table. The fish bowls would contain ice, pieces of fruit as well as small fake fish (obviously real ones aren’t viable). This drink would be there to give the impression of an evolving underground food culture, resisting the monotomy of the ‘New world order’. It’s a bit out there, but it would be a lot of fun.
This would be a great option as a sharer for groups of people who come together and want an inclusive drinking experience.

Ingredients: Tequila, apple, cucumber, ginger ale, sliced cucumber, sliced strawberries.

“New Fashioned”

A twist on the classic old fashioned, brought forwards into 2150 with the use of spice. This drink is an opportunity for the bartenders to show their craft by stirring down the drink over big blocks of ice as opposed to ice cubes. This will add finesse in contrast to the other drinks, and in itself is a totally different style.

Ingredients: Bourbon, vanilla, chilli, sugar, bitters, block ice.


“Lilac Everdeen”

A botanical option to round out the offering. The striking purple basil will add colour in contrast to the pale drink. This should be served in a large, tall and slim wine glass to give it elegance and set it apart from the rest of the offering. The drink would be served with a bouquet of edible flowers and aromatic leaves (think purple basil, mint and borage).

Ingredients: white rum, yellow chartreuse, lime, sugar, purple basil, crushed ice